Sport Arena Advert Replacement Technology

DigitArena's unique technology customizes advertisement shown on perimeter boards during sporting events, based on viewer demographics.
Using DigitArena’s broadcast quality, perimeter board content replacement services, event organizers can deliver personalized advertisements in real time, radically increasing advertisement revenue and reducing logistical barriers.

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Our mission is combining innovative technology services and cutting-edge business strategy to develop solutions to benefit sports broadcasting industry.


The steps given each day are built on satisfaction of stake-holders. Our in-house developed technology distinguishes us as pioneers. In our vision, simplicity and efficiency to deliver high-quality service in challenging situations is our main asset.


The guiding principles we are committed to demonstrate the highest standards of responsible business. Our ethics and values extend to business, people and the environment.


Tailored Banner Advertisement

Real-time sponsorship customization

Captures the video stream and replaces the perimeter boards in real-time for a geographically-tailored advertisement. The same sport event can be broadcasted to different regions with different perimeter boards.

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Be Your Own Director

Never miss an action, control your viewing experience

Live audiences are eager to create their own content and to interact with the game. BYOD allows the fans to watch every single action happening in the stadiums.


We are one of them !

Eurostars Project

DigitArena, EBU, Idiap, LIRIS : together, we assemble state of the arts computer vision techniques to deliver a robust and pure image processing solution to enable live multicast custom advertisement to the sports broadcast ind.


FIT - the Foundation for Technological Innovation - aims to support high technology and innovative projects by providing appropriate financial assistance
DigitArena is proud to be a part of it

Top 50 Startup 2016

Bilan chose DigitArena as one of the top 50 startup for invest in 2016

Swiss ICT Award Finalist

The objective of the Swiss ICT Award is to promote entrepreneurship and the acceptance of ICT entrepreneurs and companies in Swiss society. The winning companies serve as role models and motivators for the entire ICT industry.

BCVS Awards 2015

BCVS 2015 Awards finalist.

CTI Invest

Take a look of our profile on CTI Invest.


Digit Arena la startup suisse qui améliore l’impact de la publicité lors des compétitions sportives.

StartupFair Startup battle 2015 Finalist

The Startup-Battle is a competition for the most innovative startup companie of Switzerland.

Runner-up best high-tech startup 2015

Winner of the high-tech battle 2015.

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